Announcement for the cancellation of ART FAIR TOKYO 2020 and the exhibition of "KISO・KAISO / Fantastic・Pleasant idea" at Gallery SHUKADO

Announcement for the cancellation of ART FAIR TOKYO 2020

ART FAIR TOKYO 2020, which was scheduled to be held from March 19 (Thu) to 22 (Sun), 2020, has been decided to cancel due to the spread of the new corona-virus epidemic.

We had been looking forward to showing new works from the artists and seeing you again in this Art Fair , but it is pity that we need to inform you this news.


We will be held “KISO・KAISO / Fantastic・Pleasant idea”

Due to the ART FAIR TOKYO 2020 was cancelled, we will be held the exhibition “KISO・KAISO / Fantastic・Pleasant idea” , at Gallery SHUKADO from 19th until 29th of March, 2020.

In this exhibition we introduce fantastic artists such as one of the leading artists Ito Jakuchu performed colorfully in Japanese art world in Edo period with novel ideas. And also four contemporary artistes inspired by them jump towards the world to mark a new phase.

In this exhibition we will accept pre-sale. If you are interested in it please feel free to contact us.