We periodically issue our Catalog showing some dozens of artworks we picked up from our collection. Including the artworks which are not shown up on the website, Japanese paintings, oil paintings, calligraphy, crafts etc. can also be seen in the exciting high quality magazine.

Catalog Shukado Membership

To improve our service furthermore, we have started the Catalog Shukado Membership. If you join it, you can take benefits as below :

・The Catalog Shukado to be issued more than 4 times a year will be delivered to you without any further charge.
・The monthly Shukado News Letter will be sent to your address.
・Any useful information exclusively for members will be available.

Please click the button below.

2000yen for domestic residents and 30USD for overseas residents .The application fee is free.
You can pay by PAYPAL.

Japan Domestic Residents : 2000JPY

Overseas Residents : 30USD